Wednesday, February 9

Sartorial Seoul

Scott Schuman from The Sartorialist (the original street photographer/ blogger extraordinaire) has recently been in Seoul, South Korea shooting some trendy locals.

I like to think that he was inspired to visit after reading my rambling posts about maybe going out there.

People don't know much about South Korea that isn't gleaned from sensationalised Western news stories about the 'war' with the North.  It's actually an incredibly advanced country which is doing better than Britain economically (although who isn't?) and is very up-and-coming in terms of fashion and street style.  I'll be proving this to you in blog form when I finally go there to live (please please please).

 (FYI, The Sartorialist also regularly documents his obsession with hipsters on bikes - a guilty pleasure I share with him as a fashion fanatic and vintage bike lover.)

(Images: The Sartorialist).


  1. Stunning pictures and outfits! I love the girl wearing all the crazy patterns and the converse shoes. Lovely! I love your blog as well as the Sartorialist. xo.

    Please check my blog out at

  2. Ta very much. I'm quite partial to the first guy's slippers and the second guy's gilet myself. x

  3. The first picture-reckon he's posed before? What a cool stance! Even the fag looks cool, and that is very WRONG...

  4. Definitely - you can't pull off an outfit like that without having practised the pose first. It's a bit grown-up Bugsy Malone isn't it? Maybe that's why he has the fag; to prove he's not a 12 year old gangstaaa.


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