Friday, September 28

Chincha Films Korea Burn AND The Creators Project

Following on from the Future Shorts video, I decided to carry on with the Chincha Films series by forcing my boyfriend to make commissioning videos of Korea Burn, a regional version of Nevada's epic Burning Man festival, and The Creators Project, an annual Seoul music and art event.

Korea Burn was the second event of its kind on the peninsula, although this one was decidedly larger, with hundreds of people flocking to Gijipo beach, 3 hours from Seoul, for the overnight extravaganza.

The Creators Project was awesome. I was invited as press, representing Chincha, and interviewed the global manager of VICE magazine and the creative director of Intel for the film. The team also interviewed IDIOTAPE, the Korean electro rock band who headlined the concert.

Videos by Mike Beech

Friday, August 31

Chincha Films...FUTURE SHORTS

My very talented, wonderful boyfriend made a film for Chincha this week, documenting the hugely popular Future Shorts Seoul festival, a pop-up film fest at Platoon Kunsthalle, Gangnam.

Future Shorts liked it so much that they put it on their YouTube channel! 

Here it is on Vimeo, just because it's a cooler looking platform.

Images: Screenshots from the film.

Wednesday, August 22

Little Biarritz

Clearly I'm on a French vein right now, having just returned from the Basque part of the country where the above video was filmed.  I probably would have posted the film anyway, though, having spent a glorious month in this part of the world when I was 19. It was during the summer holidays, there was a huge group of my friends, and we camped at Fontaine Laborde - definitely the coolest campsite I've ever been too (although it's unfortunately closed now). I'm pretty sure I saw Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson eating at the site's restaurant. For realz!

Yeah, my friends didn't believe me either.

Sunday, August 19

French Graffiti

France is a beautiful but battle-scarred country, which makes me assume that the above ruins are connected with WWII. Then again, perhaps I'm totally off the mark since no pomp surrounds these broken down buildings.  They're covered in graffiti and seem to have been plonked unceremoniously in the midst of holidaymakers, making for an incongruous backdrop to one of Capbreton's pretty but otherwise unextraordinary beaches.

All pictures by me.

Saturday, August 18

Dreaming of Capbreton

i wanna live here

and here

and i want roses in my front garden

a view of an archaic water tower and jagged trees when i look up 

i want a vintage vehicle to meander through french towns in

to pass surf shops galore reminding me to get in the water

i want rivers to jump in when i'm sick of the waves

i want to be constantly inspired 

i want to eat fresh bread and fruit on a daily basis

i wanna wear miss-matching clothes because it's sunny and i don't care

to read vivid road signs with romanised words i might eventually understand

and pass sunbleached shops i'm so used to, i ignore

give me a boat so i can dream of escape on duller days

and let me sneer at the tourists, all porcine pink skin and outlandish parasol shades

maybe i can be a lifeguard

ride a bike all day

and stuff myself with tart au citron

living life under constant sunshine rays.


Photos are all by me and are not from Instagram, for once. Taken in Capbreton, France.

Friday, August 10

Out of Print

The ever-present bookworm and smartie-pants in me is absolutely in love with these products by Out of Print. 

I particularly like that the duo behind the designs have plastered my favourite covers from two of my favourite books onto these comfy-looking jumpers. have an interview with the guys where they talk about their mission plus the work they do for charity.

Buy their stuff here.

July in Instagram

Bit late but I've been on holidayz to France. Had a blast - pics coming up soon.  For now, though, here's July in Korea.  If the photos are anything to go by it seems I did nothing much but eat.

I found a micro brewery in my city that does Pilsner and stone baked pizzas. Nom.

A particularly good week of half days I had in which I explored Seoul's Dongmyo Shrine area and stuffed myself at a buffet.

I know it's cheesy and shit but I love the astro turf stuff they sometimes put outside cafes and restaurants. Fake summer in the city, oy.

It rained a bit.  There be a puddle.

Ahhh, Hongdae. You are still the coolest.

I decided this plastic bag vase is totally ingenious.

Proper waygook meal at Kraze Burger.  I know how to live.

Toy model aeroplanes in my fave Cheongju cafe.

A mural in Cheongju's downtown area.

Super, super, super Shabu Shabu.

Breakfast at Dunkin Donuts.

Birdbox art display in Cheongerrs.

A vintage shop near Dongmyo Shrine.

Rain against my window.

One of the extraordinarily funky establishements in Jukjeon's European-style 'Cafe Street', Yongin.

Post-it notes acting as a window blind.

Fireworks topping off the infamous annual Mud Festival at Boryeong beach.

A night out at the GS25 convenience shop.

Delish gamjyetang (pork spine soup).

All pics by meeeee on instagram @tallullahelle.
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